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PT.vidiatamaaneka buwana

Company Information(公司信息)

  • Company Name(公司名称) :
    PT.vidiatamaaneka buwana
  • Brief Description(公司简介) :
    PT.vidiatamaaneka buwana is a Electronics and Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Electronic and Electrical Products, Household Appliances category company in Indonesia, Its detail address, main product, telephone and fax is as below.
    ( PT.vidiatamaaneka buwana 是一家来自印度尼西亚的采购商,属于电子及家电类、电子消费品、电子电工产品、家用电器采购商行业,下面是该公司的详细地址、主要采购的产品、电话和传真等信息。)
Purchase Product (采购主题):

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  • Product Category (需求产品分类) :
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